Smart Essays for Class 2nd Year Inflation

Smart Essays for Class 2nd Year Inflation

Smart Essays for Class 2nd Year Inflation. Inflation is the rate at which prices rise over a period of time. Inflation is usually a broad scale, such as an overall increase in prices or an increase in the cost of living in a country.

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Smart Essays for Class 2nd Year Inflation 7


(Price Hike)

Smart Essays for Class 2nd Year Inflation
Smart Essays for Class 2nd Year Inflation

“Money is power, freedom, a cushion, the root of all evils, the sum of blessings”

(Carl Sandburg)

Inflation means general increase in price or increase in the supply of money. Inflation is a broad, variable and complex term. Only economists can have its better comprehension from economic point of view. It is hard to understand its various kinds for a layman.

There is “Creeping Inflation”. It is a healthy trend as it increases development. “Walking Inflation” affects savings. “Running Inflation” is hard to control. It affects consumption and savings. It leads to economic recession “Galloping or Hyper Inflation” is disastrous and fatal to economy. “Demand-pull” inflation is because of aggregate in demand of a commodity. “Cost Push Inflation” occurs when cost of production increases.

Inflation is not an unexpected and unpredictable phenomenon. Its seeds are sown because of mismanagement; weak or low market knowledge, indifferent attitude towards economic indicators, weak administrative machinery, absence or lack of check and balance, bureaucratic manipulation, inadvertent boarding and strong association of the market leaders. Disturbance in demand and supply ratio is yet another factor.

Inflation is a menace in the poor or under developed or developing countries. It badly affects life standard of the people. It increases poverty and decreases purchasing power. Inflation creeps slowly into economic system and assumes magnitude by creating an alarming situation. Inflation destroys or disturbs market balance badly. World’s richest investor Warren Buffet says,

“If you buy things you don’t need, soon you will have to sell things you need” Inflation increases unemployment and, as a result, not only skilled but also unskilled workers are laid off. It creates future social problems. It permeates into our social fabric and disturbs everything.

Anxiety and depression are the immediate outcomes of inflation. It eats up purchasing capacity of people. It belittles the efforts .done by the bread earners to meet the growing needs of their families. Inflation gives rise to dishonesty and corruption.

“The sale -way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket”

(Frank Hubbard)

-1 here is a popular belief that once prices increase, they never decrease. It is true to some extent. I low ever; we can minimize the effects of inflation by concentrated efforts. Inflation can be controlled by a long term and short term sound economic planning. Market competition can bring about reduction in inflation. Local industry should be promoted to reduce inflation. Accessible and cheaper goods can minimize the adverse effects of inflation. These can also provide people with alternatives. This may affect the standard of living but people are protected against adverse effects of inflation. Proper monitoring and regulatory control can help in reducing inflation. Retailers and hawkers sell things of daily use at their own will. They do so because there is no check and balance.

There is nobody to enforce law and evaluate the prices at which things are sold. Inflation can be viewed as an international phenomenon. Only sound planning by the Government can avert it. Inflation is a misery and people can be saved from this misery through mutual effort.

To sum up., inflation, in any form, undermines the very foundations of a social set-up. It makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. It carries the social stigma that breeds dissatisfaction among all the factions of a society. Government should take adequate measures to control this social evil.

I don’t mind going back to daylight saving time. With inflation, the hour will be the only thing I’ve saved all year.

(Victor Borges)


Smart Essays for Class 2nd Year Inflation
Smart Essays for Class 2nd Year Inflation

Some people regard discipline as a chore. For me, it is a kind of order that sets me free to fly.

(Julie Andrews)

Discipline is a controlled behavior resulting from the practice of training of body or mind according to rules and regulations. Discipline is the spirit and spice of life. Life without discipline is a voyage in ‘a shore less ocean without maps and navigational equipment. Discipline .is a force which unites all the efforts made by man to achieve something rewarding and extraordinary.

Even the creatures like ants follow discipline; these seem to be walking like an army, in a sequence to reach their destination and attain their cherished objectives. Birds fly in a pattern to realize their unidentified direction. All the living creatures seem to have a resolve to follow discipline. Water flow s in a direction with a certain harmony among its droplets. It never observes any disorder or disintegration. All the creatures grow by following a pattern. The sun pours its rays downwards. The mountains have symmetry in them. Revolving planets follow a sequence. They rotate in their specific paths or orbits. The whole universe seems to .be bound in a certain order.

Discipline is a symbol ()f caring to a child. Discipline is guidance. If there is love, there is no such thing as being too tough with a child.

(Bette Davis)

Our Armed Forces have a set schedule of ‘training comprising different stages. Almost all the phenomena and processes have a certain mechanism or pattern. Discipline is very important for progress and prosperity of a nation. A well-disciplined nation can raise high in the field of technology. Science and commerce: The ruling nations in the world display extreme discipline otherwise they would not have achieved status in the world. Nations that have well disciplined leaders progress with a rapid pace. We can achieve our goals and objectives if’ we are disciplined. Discipline conserves the resources and enables us to plan for our ‘lame needs.

Offering prayers live times a day gives us. a clear message of organization and discipline. We triton a specific code of conduct and maintain discipline among us. Discipline gives us concentrated power. We can realize our aims if we are well disciplined. A disciplined person is a happy person who has clear understanding of his abilities, opportunities, Available resources at his disposal and course Vhich he has to follow.

An undisciplined person is wayward and a failure. Fie wastes his energy and depreciates his abilities. Lie tries to attain something but, Nvithout any proper and organized effort. What we achieve or lose depends a lot on our b6ng disciplined.

To conclude, it is the fact universally acknowledged that without discipline life on this earth will be a complete chaos. It restrains and channelizes our energies in positive direction and lends charm to otherwise charmless objects. Age acquires no value save through thought and discipline.

(James Truslow Adams)


 Smart Essays for Class 2nd Year Inflation
Smart Essays for Class 2nd Year Inflation

“Read in the name of thy Lord who created?”

(Al Quran)

The first revelation on the prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.1-1) aptly reveals the importance of education. Education and civilization are broader in their sense and practice. They are co-relative. The nation’s \\ hitch have high rate of literacy progress rapidly and are now leaders in the world.

“Education is a better safeguard °filbert). Than a standing army.”

(Edward Everett)

It is commonly observed that people who are educated have better understanding of the governance. They are prone to act on the principles more accurately than those who have no formal or in formal education. Following the rules or principles ensures smooth flow of the affairs in any society. On the other hand, illiterate persons or masses disturb peace and order as they do not follow the principles, rules and regulations prevalent in a society.

“The most violent element in society is ignorance.”

(Emma Goldman)

An illiterate person has a limited thought and narrow canvas. Ile does not and cannot think beyond a certain level. He is confined to his own interests and personal motives. He is unable to appreciate new aspects and possibilities. Illiteracy hinders his personal as well as collective growth.

“All the knowledge in the world is found within you.”

(Anthony J. Tangelo)

An industrial worker who has skill and has proper training in the related field can act for the good of himself’ and for his company. l le is an efficient NV order and can increase the production of that industrial concern. I le is matchless in his performance. l le works by using his skills and gains knowledge in a better way.

Illiteracy breeds crimes. People who are not educated do not have a clear idea of the importance of laws. They violate laws for their petty benefits. Illiteracy is the greatest threat to the integrity of a nation. Illiterate nations do not value their freedom. They involve in petty quarrels and disgrace their Colin tries.

“Some Mks is; wise and some are otherwise.”

(Tobias Smallest)

There are many countries that have high rate of literacy even though they have limited natural resources and low per capita income. They survive in the world with grace and dignity. So, it is the level of education or literacy that makes a nation powerful politically, technologically and economically.

Education should him keep for all the members of the society. Incentives should be given for those who have some financial problems. A programmed of mass education can enhance the rate of literacy and wipe out the curse of illiteracy).


  Smart Essays for Class 2nd Year Inflation
Smart Essays for Class 2nd Year Inflation

A particular make, a shape, a style, or a pattern followed ht’ most of the people may be called a fashion .It includes clothing, hairstyles jointure literature, jewelry and numb other things.

“Style is the num,” claims Sainte-Beuve, one of Matthew Arnold’s heroes. the above cited quote is one of Matthew Arnold’s intellectual stances. Some people believe that life is not worth-living without fashion. Everybody wants to appear fashionable and stylish, and he spends lots of money on his hairstyle, beauty products, dress designing and shoes. Fashions go on changing.

One fashion that is in today may be outdated tomorrow. Fashions have been in the world since the beginning of human civilization. Fashion industry is not a new thing in today’s world. Thousands and millions or people depend upon changing passions for their livelihood.

“We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.”

(Johann Wolfram)

Fashions usually take their origin in the west. In Pakistan also, there are parties and social gatherings in which people try to outdo one another by their fashions and styles. From the west these fashions reach the third world countries. By the time people of the poor countries adopt these fashions, the westerns discard them and move on to the others, and thus the fashion industry goes on flourishing.

Media has also contributed a lot towards fashions and fads. There are fashion shows, beauty contests and dress designing competitions in the form of catwalk shows, T.V. dramas especially soap serials on different channels like Star Plus. Movies and music shows have also triggered the fashion craze among the difThrent classes of people.

Fashions and styles make us look attractive and different from other people but, according to Aldus Loxley, it is our inner-self or soul that makes us beautiful or ugly. If we are bored, depressed or morally decayed, our outward appearance will do nothing but reflect our soul. It is actually the purity and beauty ()four soul that makes our skin glow and our eyes shine. Fashions are then only a disguise or a cover that hides our reality and make its look attractive outwardly.

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.”

(Oscar Wilde)

The craze of fashions is mostly found among women and youngsters. A visit to college of today would indeed be an interesting experiment for those who wish to know something about the influence of fashion on men. Boys as well as girls spend much of their time on toilet .Female students go two steps further. They regard fashion as their special right. Girls have a natural and inborn love of pretty dresses and in college they get a real opportunity. Girls spend a great deal of their money on powder, cream and lipstick. Scents and perfumes are used by these Juliet’s to excite and stir their Romeos.

Evidently such boys and girls do not take their studies seriously. They may forget the formulae of Mathematics but they don’t target the names of the f lolls. It is quite natural with women to beautify) themselves. They should, however, .ire more importance to the purity of their soul than to their outward appearance. Beauty products, parlors, costly costumes and dandy shoes will not add to our attractiveness as much as do our peace of mind, contentment of soul and spiritual happiness should not. Therefore. Imitate the westerns or other people because the western culture and civilization are hollow and the people there arc spiritually dead. 1 recall here the saying by a famous

\\ titer who as)s that we may have a Cashion of our own if w n e retain our naturalness. Innocence, ad purity of heart and soul.

“Fashions fide, style is eternal.”

(Saint L (1urent)


   Smart Essays for Class 2nd Year Inflation
Smart Essays for Class 2nd Year Inflation

Lire are another name of experience, which have been accumulated and passed on to us by the bong epochs of glory 01 man’s dedication and his quest tor perfection. Every next experience broadens our horizons of visions and enables us to lace the realities and challenges of life with perseverance, commitment and confidence. The vision of Cirrus to 11y with waxen wings was perfected by Wright Brothers alter almost 2000 years and the dream to fly in the air began Working orders for us. The perplexing distances. Shortened and turned the world into a Global

I ‘he journey s that were once thought to be never ending were encapsulated in time with the help of the astonishing invention of airplanes. (Lone are the days Nene one had to travel try years to reach Iron one end of the world to another. Now, the travel of thousands of miles is a matter of hours.

All nib Heir rook end around one desperate earning to t4o to Makah to perform Ha ji or U in rah and last y ear God Almighty granted is it a huge shower or blessings by giving me an opportunity for Umar. 1 was tremendously happy to travel From Lahore to Jeddah by plane. It was the joule am’) lifetime.

Alter the preliminary armament of Visa, travel ticket and Foreign exchange, I reached the airport tile zip thumping. Heart over hailed rye it ripples (ii ecstasy and permanent Felicity. I yew end the place as a threshold to other m) serious and unknown lands and m.),/ mind r\ as filled it gratitude for those who made everything possible. I fancied self flying ‘rich viand in that flue iron bird that was there waiting for me to take me to my. Most memorable flight and list pilgrimage.

Boarding the plane after clearance from the immigration was an awful experience. The noisy engines, the comfortable seats and the smiling and welcoming faces added pleasure to my smooth journey. Once the door was closed the cool and calm atmosphere of the inside forced me to lie back and relax. The voice of the captain greeted us and made us aware of the duration of our journey. The sound of the divine prayer began to echo in the plane. The airhostess announced the departure with precautions to follow. The plane initiated its runway distance to cover and took off with a jerk. It remained in an upward position for a while but steadied itself in the air for about two minutes. Soon after the departure, we were served cold drinks and edibles to enjoy the hospitality of the airline.

The time seemed to have halted inside the serene atmosphere of the plane. I, for once, was filled with an irresistible desire to talk to the people to concur my feelings but 1 settled in and began to visualize the coming moments iterating silent prayers. The next four hours seemed to fly. Once again, the pleasant voice of the captain made us aware of the landing on the Jeddah International Airport. We landed on the airport and I resumed my further journey by bus. My dreams to fly and perform Umar were fulfilled.

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