Smart Essays for Class 2nd Year Corruption

Smart Essays for Class 2nd Year Corruption

Smart Essays for Class 2nd Year Corruption. Corruption is a form of dishonesty or a criminal offense committed by a person or organization entrusted with a position of authority, in order to gain undue advantage or to abuse one’s authority for personal gain.

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Smart Essays for Class 2nd Year Corruption
Smart Essays for Class 2nd Year Corruption

“Corruption is like a bail of snow, once s set rolling; it must increase.”

(Charles Caleb Cotton)

File simple meaning old• corruption is to get work done by means of- illegal gratification. It is

Described as the clestruction or purity, holiest). or moral principle Or as encouragement to wrong

Joint’s by illegal means. Corruption is also explained by the World Bank and Transparency

International as “the misuse if public office for private gain.” 13ribery, oppression, favoritism, rationale. And fraud is the examples of corruption. It supports criminal activities such as drug

HarLIaining, money laundering. And black marketing.

“Aimer does not corrupt. Fear corrupts… perhaps the fear lqra loss of power.”

Jots Steinbeck

A 1 ears hack. to participate in corrupt activities was something to be humiliated, and a corrupt doer was expelled. Presently, corruption is not considered any sign of defame. It has been so deeply interlinked into our social thrice that no one thinks much about it. These days the virus of corruption has penetrated into all the countries or the old. Pakistan is in a dreadful situation. Fever department is corrupt and no one bothers to prior his duties lioness. Thus, people cannot get their basic rights. ‘the Funds and money, instead or spending on public well-are are wasted in corruption. ‘Me development projects the not competed well in time because of corruption.

“Paver tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

– Lord icon

The causes of corruption are ‘man) and complicated. It is generally considered to be an

ArtereiThet ot.vveak goes enhance. This is because the system has been let loose. ‘The creeping up of those politicians who peeler their individual interests rather than nation-oriented policies, encourages exploitation. Change in the value save stem and ethical qualities of men also increase corruption. The told ideals or morality, sere ice and. honesty is regarded as outmoded. Lack of public protest against corruption it to rein ova es people. Overpopulation coupled with general i l l interact Mild the poor economic framework lead to corruption. The booming, economy, let)\\ salaries ot• goy ornament officials enforce them to resort to the road olcorniption.

Complicated laws and extra larval procedures do not persuade the common people to ask for an> help from goy ornament. Election time is a peak time for corruption. Influence for votes is haunting through bribery. In order to get elected. The cunning politicians bribe poor uneducated people. Who are trudging for two times’ meal…

“Power attracts tire corruptible. Absolute power attracts the absolutely corruptible.”

– Fran Herbert

Corruption holy man) had edicts in the lives of common people. It gives birth too many evils in the ‘ocietv and causes Nina. Problems to the country. It dissuades the Iberian investors. It leads to unemployed memo. It creates environment of injustice. It increases the crime and illiteracy rate. It decreases economic de` elopements and Frustrates the public.

“Corruption is a hard cane that heats hard on a nation with deaf ears”

We have to seriously think ho∎% to eradicate corruption. This is possible if key give strict punishment to the corrupt, no flatter to whom. .At the smile time. The honest people should also be rewarded and honored. Concentration love earth in few hands must be discouraged. People’s confidence on state institutions should be restored. \\’e should eradicate the root causes of corruption. Laws must be implemented. There should be lair judicial system and proper check and control on corruption. Anti corruption agencies should be strengthened.

“Public money is like (1 fish bone, it gets struck in the throat.”

In short. It can be concluded that in cider to make our nation free from the evils of corruption, must uproot the verb weed of corruption. We must launch a crusade for higher standards of ethics. We need to engender• a culture that celebrates lame and fortune \One it is the product of personal work and ability. The government should consider it on urgent and humanitarian basis.

“When >011 see that in order to produce. You need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing-when) our see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by vodka and `your laws don’t protect cut against them. Hut protect them against you-when you see corruption being rewarded and toniest becoming a set f-sacrifice-you ma> know that your society is doomed.” vv rote X-yen Rand.

Examination is a purposeful written or spoken test of know ‘eke. It is an assessment to measure

A student’s know ledge, skill, aptitude or classification in many other topics. In other words, it is a

• Way to weigh the abilities or skills of a person required for some specific field. As ever) system has its merits and demerits, same is the case with examinations. Some people are fascinated by this s) stem and keep on singing the praise of its significant-role-w hale others seem to condemn to outdated and full of flaw s system.

Examinations pie) a N, vital role in the selection of suitable people for appropriate post keeping in view their strength of knowledge and skill in the specific field. They help to examine the past achievements of the candidates so that they may work fir the we’ll rare of the country and its people.

“Examinations are a necessary evil; they bring out the best men and the also best in men.”

So, in this regard. Examinations play an important tale in the smooth and dispute free functioning of the institutions in the selection of candidates on merits, if held in true spirits. They make the process of selection not only easy but also justifiable.

“All condemn examination but cannot do away with them.”

The imminent threat of examination does not let the students lose interest in their studies and they keep on working hard to keep themselves abreast of the up-to-date knowledge of the subject !syllabus. In this ‘vary, examinations kindle in the students the interest and desire to keep them well prepared to be tested. They compel students to be regular and punctual in their studies to achieve desirable results.

Examinations cause a healthy competition among the students. The race of surpassing others results in proper learning, clarity of concepts and better presentation. They learn time management by division of time for various answers they are to attempt within the limited time. They improve their decision power by making the right choice on right time.

Examinations improve our power of expression by providing the opportunity of expressing students’ viewpoints on difThrent given topics. They contribute in student’s sell-expression and power of communication that matters in their rest of life.

On the other hand, examinations also have their demerits and dark side. Churchill calls examination an inhospitable region ‘N here coalminer exhibits students’ lack of knowledge and they are tested in the subject against their interest. Our examination system encourages cramming and memorization of few concepts instead of proper training and upbringing of the students. It hurts the true spirit of the examination and the students are unable to learn practical application, self-expression and self-analysis.

“Examinations are formidable even to the best prepared, for the greatest fool may ask more than the wisest man can answer.”

The restriction of limited syllabus limits and restricts the students to within the limited sphere and they are unable to explore the indefinite horizon of knowledge and education. They learn the shortcuts and techniques like guess \\Fork to cover the most part of the paper. Most of the time, they pass the examination “with flying colors”.

“Our examination system produces students having lots of marks but poor concepts.”

Our examination system is the test of speed and not of brain. A limited time and few repeated questions cannot decide or analyze the true concept and real ability of the students.

“Great success in examinations does naturally not as a rule go with originality of thoughts.”

The race of marks has developed negative competition among the students. It has ended the difference between fair and unfair. Cheating and the use of unfair means has become rule in our examination centers. It means they mar the true spirit of education and purpose of examinations.

Poor and substandard system of marking also makes the exercise of examination useless and futile. Paper checking spoils the true spirit of merit by observing no difference of poor and excellent material. It all raises question on the usefulness and transparency of the examination system. In short, examinations are a necessary evil and their significant role cannot he over looked. However, our examination system needs a lot of changes and improvements so that we may get the best out of it. If held properly, examinations can play their role in changing the fate of the nation and the country by providing the best suitable and efficient people.

“Examinations are an undeniable and indies erasable necessity”


Smart Essays for Class 2nd Year Corruption
Smart Essays for Class 2nd Year Corruption

War is not a new thing. Man is a lighting animal. Man is as quarrelsome today as he was thousands of years ago. However, modem warfare is highly technical. With the invention of gun powder war became more horrible than before. Now personal velour does not count. The weakest man can kill the strongest man from a distance with the help of deadly weapon of war. The enemies try to disrupt administration and shatter the inner peace. They damage roads, bridges, railway stations radio and T.V. stations. It is the most effective tactic in the modern war to cut of the supply line. Bombers, tanks, armored cars, termites, vesicants and filling bombs are the few of the weapons of destruction. In this way modem war is hundred times more destructive than ever before. In the war 1945, only

Two atom bombs were dropped by the Americans on Nagasaki and Hiroshima and Japan was virtually ‘‘iped out from the surface of the earth.

Modern war is not fought in the battle field. It is fought on all .fronts, right in the country of the enemy. Cities are set on tire, towns are set ablaze, factories and plants of production are, destroyed. In short the tide of civilization is set back. Modern war respects no treaty. It. is carried on all sides, on the land. in the air and on the sea.

The corollary of a modern war is no less disastrous. There is not much difference between the victor and vanquished. The both face ‘famine, pestilence. and unemployment. Hunger becomes common lot. Only the black marketers flourish. It undermines the very root of the economy of the w old. It retards progress. Now the burning question of the day is ‘how to stop the Third World War. The big powers have realized .its needs: They have agreed to control nuclear weapons to promote international peace. The U.N.O: cetin -Pl-ay a vital role. Communalism, racial prejudice and terrorism must be curbed as they are the root causes of war. In short, the modern is the greatest curse of The Creator that can befall a nation.


 Smart Essays for Class 2nd Year Corruption
Smart Essays for Class 2nd Year Corruption

Hold fast the dreams,

For if dreams die,

Life is a broken-winged bird,

That cannot fly.

(Langston Hughes)

Dreams provide a sketch. And • we keep on coloring these shades with all our efforts and struggles. Books are the quintessence and crux of the intellect and experience of the sane ail (‘ sage personalities in the annals of history. Books are the gems and jewels that impart beauty and charm to human wisdom, intellect and personality. In this context, a library is a treasure house that houses these gems and pearls of wisdom and sanity. Books, lying in the deep shelves of a library are the silent livings which lay silent and sleepy there and wait for the jeweler who really knows their value and importance in real sense. Our college library is certainly one of such jeweler-stores that can adorn and embellish the minds and souls of the young pupils at large.

“I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of a library”

(Gorge Luis Borges)

The first thing that charms us is the building of our college library. It is quite an old one but it has a grandeur and grace in it. When we enter the library, an old sober and san clerk welcomes us w it a smile on his lips. He seems to be as old as any book of classical age of Urdu literature. Lie is precise and sometimes curt to the on-lookers and casual visitors, but very civil to those who lo) c books. Beside the reception counter, we can see the catalogue admirals. These admirals are specially designed to contain catalogue cards. One can easily search the desired book as well as its location if one knows the title or the name of the author of the book. On the left we have a spacious hail %); which is crowded with big steel admirals, arranged in a unique style.

These admirals contain books of various categories. There are books on literature, social sciences, geography, geology, history, religion, economy, computer science, biography, –translations, language, and astronomy.

Each admiral is numbered and has a title of category of books on its head. Every student is allowed to get two books issued in a week and he is bound to return them in a week time.

Otherwise, Ile is lined for every passing day. Daily newspapers, magazines, digests as well as reference books are not issued. They are to be read or consulted in the library premises. The students get the books issued, study them and sharpen their minds and intellect.

My grandma always said that God made libraries so that people didn’t have an excuse to be stupid. (Joan Bauer) If we move to let, we have a large reading room. This room has a long table in the center, surrounded by many chairs. Here a clerk provides magazines, digests and other weekly and monthly journals to the students. Daily newspapers are also available here. The students are specially advised to study things in a most silent manner. Silence reigns here and the students and teachers are engaged in silent reading here.

Then we have a reference zone. It is again a big room, having many big’almirahs in which we have bulky books of many volumes like encyclopedias, dictionaries and others. These books are not issued to the students. However, students as well as teachers are allowed to sit and read these books for research purposes. Here in the corner, we have the librarian’s office. He is an old, sober soul having a lot of experience in book keeping and maintaining of library. He is very kind to the students and provides all out help and guidance to the students who are the research scholars in any field of science, social science or humanities.

Our college has recently developed an c-library as a section of the main library. In this section, we have many computer sets, linked with many c-libraries of the world through Internet. This e- library has many soft-wares which provide the students and research scholars an access to the historically important books and even manuscripts. This section has opened new horizons of research for the students of our college.

The best of all these is the atmosphere which our library oilers to the students. As soon as we cross the threshold of the library, our imagination is stirred by the fire of thirst of acquisition or knowledge and learning. We find everyone here engaged in quenching his thirst of knowledge. have we imagine that the learning we hae got so far is so meager and insufficient and we come to know that we know nothing. This knowledge of insufficiency fills our souls with a fire and energy to move forward and navigate in the ocean of books and in this way, search and explore the new gems and pearls of wisdom and knowledge.

“Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve and contribute to improving our quality of life.”

(Sidney Sheldon)

In our lives, we come across many people. We see new laces every day. Friends come and go throughout our life. People today have become so selfish that it becomes difficult to regard anybody as your best friend. People whom you regard as your best friends often prove otherwise.

“Friends are like melons

Shall I tell you why?

To find one good,

You must a hundred try.”

(Claude Mermen)

To have a good friend is worth a million rupee, even more. A friend who can guide you in the dark shadows afire is needed in every phase or lire.

“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.”(Thomas Aquinas) I have several friends at my college. Some are my college flows and some are my class mates.

But the best among them is Ahrnad and he is in) class Mow. Ahmad comes of a very respectable family. lie is ()Inv age but is a bit taller than me. Ile has very lair complexion, curly hair, milky teeth and a pair of beautiful eves. What more endears him to me is that he enjoys a very good health too. le has a very cheerful nature. I IIC‘er found him and rude. His bite is always smiling. Even if anybody) abuses him, he never loses his temper from his appearance and his behavior it appears-as if he were a saint.

Frame our habits we are hardly distinemishable. In studies. as in the games. he is above the average. He has a great aptitude for reading. So there’s a sense of purpose and seriousness in his character. It is not to say that he is a philosopher. I le is a great humorist as well. F le makes and takes good jokes. Whenever I am with him, I always laugh my head off. Sometimes he makes the whole class laugh by putting laughable question to the teachers. And by gig in still more funny answers to their questions.

Ahmad is very neat clean and choosy in his dress. lie likes to wear light colors. His dress gives him a respectable look. It shows lie is not foppish at all, you never lined an ink or dirt spot on his shirt. In hostel. Tine is room-mates. At college he sits beside me on the desk. We remain together for the most part of the day study together like Aristotle says. true friend is one soul in two bodies”.

Ile has been with me tor four years. Other boys feel envious about our friendship, but we never mind

Ahmad is also very good at his lessons. I le never neglects his studies. 1 le never gives the teacher- a chance to complain. In the last examination. he stood first in class. Although he is weak in some topics but he tries his best to make up his weakness. His lather can well keep a coach for him but he likes to be on his footings. He always lives up of his motto “simple in virtue and steadfast in duty.” lie does ear to other people’s problems. l i.e. is a kind and generous friend.

Whenever 1 am hard up, he helps me even by cutting his own expenses. it is said -prosperity makes friends and adversity tries them” and like Shakespeare “1 ani wealthy with my friend’s I remember how he sat bevy my side for 3 days when I was taken ill. I 1,‘ I’ll never target how he always .defends me and stands side bys side through every thick and thin. My friend is smart, active and honest. He is loved by the teachers and respected by all his fellows. I le never waste his time. All his qualities attract me and 1 cannot find such a friend like him.

It is a beautiful sensation that some one understands you and be grateful to you as you are. I consider him the most precious jewel of my late. I hope he will remain in my life. In form of a true friend who loves, helps and sacrifices his interests without expecting anything in return.

May our friendship abide forever!

“Choices define who we are and Choices make friends.”

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