Smart 20 Important Essays for Class 2nd Year Free Download

Smart 20 Important Essays for Class 2nd Year Free Download

Smart 20 Important Essays for Class 2nd Year Free Download. Here is a list of important English subjects in F.A, F.Sc, Intermediate Part 2 classes. This list includes 15 key subjects for 2021 from an examination point of view. These subjects are an estimate for the second year of F.Sc, F.A classes.

Smart 20 Important Essays for Class 2nd Year Free Download
Smart 20 Important Essays for Class 2nd Year Free Download

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I get up early in the morning. I perform ablution and say my morning prayer. After reciting the Holy Quran I go for a walk. I return home after half an hour. I take my breakfast and study for some time. Then I take bath, put on my school uniform and go to school on my bicycle.

At school I attend the classes according to the school timetable. There are eight periods in a day. I do not miss any period. In the recess period I take a cup of tea in the canteen. When the classes are over, I return home. I have my lunch and go to the nearby mosque to say my prayer. After that I go to bed. After sleeping for an hour I get up and take my bath. Then I study till my afternoon prayer. I say my afternoon prayer in the mosque and return my home.

I wear my sports jacket and go to the playground on my bicycle. I play football and return home in the evening. I say my evening prayer and take dinner with my father and brothers. I watch the television till khabamama. After saying the last prayer of the day I sit at my study. I study for two hours and then go to bed.


Ajab Noor is the peon of our school. He is a young man of thirty years. He is strong and healthy. He is very active and smart. He has been working in this school for the last ten years. Fie is very punctual and obedient. He comes to school early in the morning. He opens the Principal’s office and cleans the chairs. Then he opens the classrooms and cleans the chairs and the blackboards. He sits in front of the Principal’s office. He rings the bell after each period. He carries the Principal’s orders to the teachers. He distributes letters among the teachers and students. He shuts the windows and doors when the school is over. Our school peon has good habits. He wears simple and neat clothes. He always speaks the truth. He is liked by the students as well as by the teachers. The Principal of the school is very pleased with him.

In short, it is said that our school peon has a lot of work to do. He is a poor person. His pay is very small and it is difficult for him to make both ends meet.


The postman is a. well-known person. He wears a khaki uniform and rides on a bicycle. He has a khaki leather bag which he places on the carrier of his bicycle.

The postman is very dutiful. He performs his duty in all weathers. He goes to the post office early in the morning and puts letters, parcels and money orders in the bag. In order to deliver these letters, parcels and money orders to the concerned persons, he goes from house to house, from shop to shop and from office to office. Everyone wants him eagerly. He brings sad as well as happy news to the people.

The postman is always a poor person. His job is very difficult but his pay is very small. His holidays are limited. There are no chances of proscription in this profession. He leads a very busy life. In villages, he has to walk many miles on foot. In cities 1-1- delivers his mail by riding on an old bicycle. The nature of his duty is such that the postman must be strong and healthy. He must be active, polite, honest and punctual.


The policeman is a useful government servant. He wears black shirt and khaki pant. He ties a belt round his waist and keeps a black cap on his head.

The policeman is a responsible person. He is responsible for keeping law and order in the locality. He is the guardian of the life and property of- the people. He arrests thieves, smugglers and criminals. In his absence there is no place for the poor or-weak.

The policeman performs his duty everywhere. There is not a single place where he cannot go. Ln- big cities he can be seen controlling the traffic. He can be seen at railway stations, bus stands, banks and post offices. He performs his patrol duty on all roads and bazaars. He goes where there is a gathering.

It is a fact that a policeman is usually rude. He is uneducated. Gentlemen .are treated harshly by him. He considers poor people as. Animals He gives preference to himself because he has a stick with him. He has no pity for others. Receiving,. Bribes are his common practice.

The job of a policeman is very difficult. He is on duty round the clock. He puts his life in danger while fighting against criminals. As he gets a small salary, his standard of living is low. It is very difficult for him to support .a large family with that little income. The government should pay attention to the life of a policeman. His salary must be increased so that he may not be compelled to receive bribes.


I am a student and read many books but my favorite book is the Holy Quran. I recite it daily after my morning prayer. It is a heavenly book. It is written in the Arabic language. It was revealed to Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) by God through angel GI brail. It consists of thirty parts called pares and one hundred and fourteen chapters called surah’s.

The Holy Quran is a complete code of life. It gives us a complete guidance. Every aspect of life has been discussed in detail in it. It is full- of knowledge and wisdom. It shows us clearly how to lead our private as well as public life. It shows us the right path.

The Holy Quran is the book which is read almost by every Muslim. Some Muslims learn it by heart. Its reading is a great source of consolation and peace of mind. Its verses are recited to ward off evil and illness.

The Holy Quran is the last heavenly book of Allah. No change_ has ever been made in it. God himself has taken the responsibility of preserving it tilt the doomsday.




Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is my favorite hero in history. He is the founder of Pakistan. He was born in Karachi on 25th December, 1876. He was the son of a wealthy merchant of Karachi called Jinnah Poona. He completed his early education in Karachi. Then he went to England and passed Bar-at-Law from there. He returned to India and started practice in Bombay. Very -soon he proved himself a successful lawyer.

In 1905, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah joined the Indian National Congress: He worked hard for Hindu Muslim. Unity Soon he felt that the Indian Congress wanted to establish Hindu rule in India. So he left the Congress and joined the Muslim League. Very soon he became the president of Muslim League:

On March 23, 1940 Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah called a meeting of the Muslim League at Lahore. They passed a resolution which was called the Pakistan Resolution. It was decided in the resolution that the Muslims of India should be given a separate homeland in those parts of India where they were in majority. The Congress and the British opposed the resolution but at last Quaid-i-Azam got success in achieving Pakistan.

When Pakistan came into being on August 14, 1947, the Quaid-i-Azam became its first Governor General. He worked day and night to make Pakistan a prosperous state. His doctor advised him to take rest but he refused. He told him, “I have worked to do”. He died on September 11, 1948 and was buried in Karachi. The people of Pakistan will always remember this great hero.




Allama Muhammad Iqbal is my favorite poet (author). •He is our national poet. He was born at Sialkot on November 9, 1877. He got his early education there. He got his M. A. degree in Philosophy from Government College Lahore. He went to England and passed Bar-at, Law from the Cambridge University. He then went to Germany and did Ph. D. in Philosophy from there.

On his return he started practice in Lahore High Court. But he gave most of his time to writing poetry. He wrote many great and beautiful poems in .Persian as well as in Urdu. His Persian poems can be found in “Israr-e-Khudi”, “Pay am-e-Mashriq” and “laved Nama”. His Urdu poems can be found in “Bang-e-Dare”, “Bal-e-Jibreel”, and “Zarb-e-Kalim”.

Allama Iqbal was a true Muslim and loved Islam. He was deeply interested in religion. He expresses his religious feelings and ideas in “shipway” and “Jawab-e-shipway”. After reading them we find that Iqbal wants us to become true Muslims. These poems are very- popular among the people.

Allama Iqbal was the dreamer of Pakistan. He gave the idea of Pakistan in his address at Allahabad. But he did not live, long to see his dream come – true.. He died on April 21, 1938. He was buried beside the historical Badshahi Mosque, Lahore.


I like many games like cricket, football and volleyball but football is my favorite game. It is an interesting game. It requires quickness of mind and body. It is a cheap game. It is very famous among the Europeans.

Football is a game which is played on a ground which is 120 yards long and 90 yards wide. It is played between two teams. Each team has eleven players. There are five forwards, three half backs, two backs and a goalkeeper in a team. The match is supervised by a referee. The players enter the ground in proper uniform. The match starts with the whistle of the referee.

When the game starts, every player comes into action. Each team tries to take the ball into the opposite team’s goal. The players try to score goals. The team that scores more goals wins the match. This game -is divided into two halves. After first half there is -an interval which is called half time. The game comes to an end when the referee blows his final whistle. The players of the team are overjoyed who win the match.


A few years ago I had a chance to see a one-day cricket match in Niaz Stadium Peshawar. The match was played between Pakistan Cricket team and India Cricket team. A huge crowd had come to see the match.

The captain of Pakistan team was Inzimam-ul-Haq while that of India team was Gangly. Inzimam won the toss and put the Indians team to bat. Tendulkar and Sewage were the opening batsmen. Shoib Katha started bowling. He gave four runs in his first over. After him Shabir started howling from the pavilion end. Shabir was a bit nervous because the world top batsman Tendulkar was on the pitch. His first three balls were declared wide-balls by the Umpire. But when he bowled the fourth ball, Tendulkar Was caught behind the wickets. Now Shabir was greatly encouraged. In the same over he bowled Lexaman. India team was then under pressure. But Sewag and Dravid proved very dangerous. When • the score of India was 181, Dravid was out for 98 runs. After Dravid the wickets were falling very quickly. In the 47th over the whole Indian team was out for 285 runs.

After -lunch Shahid Afridi and Yasser Hindi came as opening batsmen for Pakistan. The spectators were very disappointed when Shahid Afridi was bowled by Iran Pattan in the second over of the innings. After him Younis Khan played 7ery well. When the score was 92, Younis Khan was caught behind and so Inzimam came to play. He proved very dangerous for India. After scoring 98 runs, Yaris Hamid was out. Now Razzaq came to play with Inzimam. When the score was 248, Inzimam was caught behind the wickets. After Inzimam, Youssef Yunani and Moan Khan were out without scoring any runs.” Now the Pakistani team was under. Pressure But thanks to Razzaq. He played so well that the desired target of 286 runs was achieved in the 49th over. Thus the match ended and Pakistan won it by two wickets.


A few days ago I had a chance to see a football match played at -Islamic College Ground Peshawar. The match was played between Gymkhanas. Club Peshawar and Afghan Club Chapman

The match started at 5 p.m. In the first few minutes the Gymkhana Club dominated. Graford and Ali made two attacks but failed to score a goal. After ten minutes Naushad, the captain of the Chaman team got the ball. – He passed on the ball to Riaz at the top of the “D”. Riaz hit the ball very forcefully but the goalkeeper of Gymkhana Club caught the ball without any difficulty.

The players of both the teams were very active. The ball was taken from one end of the ground to the other in a flash of time. Shaukat Mufti, the centre half of Gymkhana Club, was a very experienced player. He made many dangerous moves but Wahid and Aftab did not give him any chance to score a goal. The first half ended but there was no goal from either side.

During the second .half the game was very’ fast. The centre half of Chaman team Niamat Ullah got hold of the ball and gave a fine pass to right-in, Muhammad Ali. Muhammad All dodged the full back of Gymkhana Club and with a forceful kick scored a memorable goal for his team. The players of Chaman team were very happy. The spectators were also clapping their hands. Alter ten minutes Ikram scored another goal for his team.

The players of Gymkhana Club tried their best to equalize the goals. Their right in, Zahir, with the combination of Nazir succeeded in scoring a goal for his team. This goal gave a new courage to the players of Gymkhana Club. They became more active and tried to put pressure on the opposite team. In the last five minutes the captain of the team shot the ball so forcefully that the full back of the opposite team was unable to save his hand. From the ball Thus the Chaman Club got a penalty kick. The penalty kick was converted into a goal by Sohail. After a few minutes the referee blew the final whistle and thus the match ended in a draw.


Two months ago I saw an interesting hockey match on television. The match was played between Pakistan Hockey Team •and Holland Hockey Team. It was the Olympic final match played at Los Angeles. A huge crowd had come to see the match. The Holland team won the toss and chose the favorable side.

The match started at 7 p.m. At first the Pakistan team was under pressure. The opposite team made two dangerous attacks but luckily. The goalkeeper saved them. After twelve minutes the Pakistani team also made attacks. They got two penalty corners but did. Not take any advantage of them. The • first half ended but no goal was scored.

During the second half the game was very fast. Very soon the Holland team got a penalty corner. This was the fourth penalty corner of the match. The full back of Holland took advantage of it and scored the first goal for his team. After five minutes the captain of the Pakistan team equalized the goal. This goal gave a new courage to the Pakistani players. They became more active and put pressure on the opposite team. The” sat ten minutes were very critical. Each team was trying its best to score another goal. The game became very exciting. In the last three minutes the Pakistani team got a penalty, stroke: This penalty stoke was converted into a goal by .the captain of Pakistan team. This was the decisive goal of the match. The referee blew the final whistle and thus Pakistan won the match by 2 -1. Pedagogical Guide 10th 239 Essays


In every school there is a recess period. It is usually after the fifth period. It is a period of joy and relief. Almost all the students wait eagerly for this period.

As soon as the bell rings, the students come out of their classrooms and start running in every direction. There is a great rush in the corridors of the school. Some students run to their home to eat something there. Others go to the school tuck shop. Some of the students open their lunch boxes and eat the things which they have brought with them.

There are some students who go to the school library and read newspapers and magazines. The serious students, who do not waste their time, study their books. Some students spend this period in copying homework from the exercise books of their friends.

As far as I am concerned, I go to the school tuck shop. I refresh myself with a cup of tea in winter and with cold drink in summer. I meet my friends there who eat or drink something. Ours is a good tuck shop where everything is available to the students. After having a cup of tea or cold drink I run to the playground and play football. After playing there for some time, the bell rings and I go straight to my classroom.


Every year a fair is held in Faqir Abad with great pomp and show in the month of March. This fair is held in the memory of a saint. People from far and wide participate in it.

This year I went to see the fair in the company of my friends. When we reached there, we saw thousands of people who had come from the neighboring villages. They included men, women and children. They were all dressed in beautiful clothes.

Temporary shops or stalls were set up where cheap articles of daily use were available.. Girls and women were purchasing ear-rings, bangles and other articles. Children were attracted by the toys. A large number of people were seen buying sweets from different sweet shops. Other shops were set up where the most commonly used cloth was available. The teashops were the most favorite spots. A large number of people were sitting in front of these shops.

When we moved to another side, I saw juggler who was amusing the people with his clever tricks. His tricks were really marvelous. In the midst of a crowd, I saw a snake-charmer. He was playing on his flute pipe. Before his flute were dancing some serpents. It was really a very interesting sight.

In the afternoon, we saw a very interesting football match played at the High School Ground. When the evening came, the people began to disperse. Everybody was in a hurry to return home. Most of the people were carrying something to their houses. I enjoyed this fair very much. I felt very tired on that day but I enjoyed this delightful fair to my heart’s content.


Last Tuesday I was coining from school when I saw clouds of smoke near my house. I ran towards the spot. When I reached there, I saw that a house was on fire. It was a terrible sight.

Many people had gathered there. The Men in the house we’re crying for help. The fire was spreading. We all tried our best to put out the fire. Some of us threw bucket.4 of .water on it. Others threw sand and dust on it. Some brave men passed through the • smoke and brought out small children and. Valuable things. It was very difficult for us to control the fire. No one knew what to do. It was a.critical situation because the flares were raising high and high.

A good idea came to. My mind I ran to my house and rang up the fire brigade. The fire brigade arrived there in fifteen minutes. The staff of the fire brigade fought bravely with the flames. Some of them laid water pipes and began to throw water on the spreading flames. Others brought out the inmates of the house. Though they received severe burn injuries but they did not care. At last, the fire was extinguished in half an hour. It did a. great damage to the house. Clothes, furniture and other valuable articles were burnt. But thanks God that there was no loss of human life. On inquiry it was found that the leakage of gas cylinder was the cause of the fire.


– Last month a very sad accident took place in front of our school. I was coming home from school on my bicycle. One of my class fellows, – Aqil, was also going home on his motorcycle. He was driving the motorcycle with full speed. The motorcycle became out of -his control on a blind corner. It ‘ struck against a car which was coming from the opposite direction. It turned turtle and Aqil fell -down on the road.

I stopped my bicycle and ran towards him. A crowd gathered on the spot. Aqil had received serious injuries. Blood was flowing from his mouth and head. He was unconscious. –

He was soon taken to • the hospital. The doctor on duty attended him. His head was bandaged. All his wounds were dressed carefully. After half an hour Aqil came to his senses. Luckily he was out of danger. I thanked God that his life was saved.

I rang up his father who came to the hospital in an instant. Aqil remained in the hospital for two days. After two days he was discharged with the direction to take complete bed rest for a week.


During the last summer vacation I went to Lahore and stayed with my uncle for a week. During this stay, I visited many historical places of the city. But visit to the Badshahi Mosque was the most interesting.

The Badshahi Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the world. It is the biggest mosque in Pakistan. It was built by Aurangzeb, the great Mughal Emperor. It has spread over a vast area. About one lakh people can say their prayers here: The building is made of white and red marble.

When I entered the mosque through the main gate, I saw a big courtyard. In the middle of the courtyard there is a beautiful fountain. There are four big minarets in the corners of the building of the mosque. They are red like the outer parts. By climbing on one of them the whole city of Lahore can be seen. The prayer hall is very impressive. The walls and ceilings are made of very precious stones. There are the verses of the Holy Quran on them.

There is a small museum attached to the -mosque. 1 saw many strange and valuable things there. I saw a holy hair from the beard of our Holy Prophet (peace he upon him). There was also a stone containing the foot-mark of the .Prophet. In short, Badshahi mosque is a profound work of skill and art. ‘I was very happy to see this fine mosque. .


During the last spring season I in the company of a few friends went on a trip to Murree. We took the .necessary luggage with us and ‘reached Rawalpindi at 10 o’clock in a bus.

From Rawalpindi we started for Murree in another bus. The bus ran along difficult and dangerous curves and bends. We reached the Murree hill at about 2 p.m. It _ was a fine cloudy day. And the weather was quite pleasant. We put up ourselves at one hotel. After taking rest ‘for a while we came out to have a view of the hills the valley below looked like a great cup full of beautiful flowers

The next morning we went to Kashmir Point which was covered with pine and fruit trees. We enjoyed the scene very much. We saw tourist’s front all over the world. In the evening we returned. To our hotel it drew dark and a gentle shower of rain began to fall.

The next day we went to the picnic spot with some food and fruit. The spot was on a hill surrounded by tall dark-green trees. I felt as if I were in Heaven. On the fourth day we made a visit to Aruba. It was another memorable experience for us. We took many photographs of the beautiful sights.

We returned to ours. City after spending four days but the Memories of the visit are still fresh in my mind.


During the last summer vacation I went to see my uncle in Lahore and stayed with him for a week. During this stay, I visited _ the Museum in Lahore. It is situated, in front of the Punjab University _Lahore. It is one of the best museums in Pakistan The spacious building. Consists-of several big halls in one hall, • we saw the statues. Of Lord Buddha Asoka and Alexander the Great etc. The facts about the lives of all these great men and women were written under their statues.

Another part of the museum contained arms and weapons of the old times. Ancient swords, daggers, bows and arrows were arranged in glass cases. The arms -used by the French, Portuguese and English armies in India during different periods were also seen by us.

The most artistic section of the museum was of paintings, pictures, books and musical Instruments. There were old manuscripts of the Holy Quran in one room. We saw beautiful paintings of natural scenes, wars,, jungles, bazaars, kings and princes etc. The section containing garments, ornaments and coins was equally impressive.

For me the visit to the museum was a–thrilling experience. I was deeply moved to see for the first time the things of the past ages. The visit to the museum left a very deep impression on my mind.


The climate of Pakistan is very hot in summer. People wish and pray for rain in those days. When it rains in summer, people take sigh of relief.

Last year, in the month of June, the weather was very hot. The heat of the sun was unbearable. One afternoon I was sleeping very soundly. All of-a sudden the light went off and I woke up. I came out of my room and saw that the sky was cloudy. A cool breeze was blowing. After a short time it began to drizzle-. In a few moments it began to rain heavily.

1 came out of my house and saw that the street was full of .small children. They were running here and there in the street. Many children started swimming in the water. They were shouting with joy. Some of them splashed water. Others were busy in sailing paper boats in water.

After half an hour the rain stopped. The weather was very pleasant. People came out of their houses with smiles on their faces. Birds were also full of joy. They sang sweet songs. There was happiness everywhere. Everything looked green. Streets, bazaars, gardens and public parks were filled with people.


A railway journey is an interesting experience. Last month I was invited by my friend to attend his elder brother’s marriage at Multan. I decided to go there by train. I booked my seat in the first class compartment and waited for the arrival of the train.

After waiting for half an hour, the train arrived. A large crowd was present on the railway station. I entered the compartment with great difficulty.

It was 10 a.m. when the train started out. Very soon it began to catch fast speed. It was running through the green fields. The farmers were busy in work. I enjoyed the sight of the fields and rivers. Trees and fields looked running backwards.

At 2 p.m. the train stopped at a station. Here, I had some burger with a cup of tea. There was a lot of rush on the • platform. The hawkers and vendors were selling the foodstuffs. Soon the train whistled and all the passengers got into the train. At every station some passengers left the train but at the same time the same number of them entered.

After travelling for ten hours, I was deadly tired. I wished many times to reach my destination. At last my destination came and it was evening when I reached Multan. My friend had come to the station to receive me. The journey was really enjoyable. It added to my experience and knowledge. I shall -never forget this journey.

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