Smart 10 Important Essays for Class 10th Free Download

Smart 10 Important Essays for Class 10th Free Download

Smart 10 Important Essays for Class 10th Free Download. There are many students who do not want to make such a long list of subjects for their board exams. They only want important subjects so that they can prepare for their final board exams in a short time. Therefore, they need a list of all the important topics to write an article.

Smart 10 Important Essays for Class 10th Free Download
Smart 10 Important Essays for Class 10th Free Download



Every person loves someone whom he wants to follow. The personality that I like is our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S A W). He was born in Makkah the city of Saudi Arabia. His father Abdullah and mother BiBi Amna passed away early in his life. Hazrat Muhammad (S A W) was very brave, honest and a holy man. People would keep their valuable things with him.

Hazrat Muhammad (S A W) is the last prophet of Allah and the leader of all prophets. There is none like him. He is the embodiment of all the good, pure and noble. Before his birth, Arabia was steeped in darkness, ignorance and superstition. Hazrat Muhammad (S A W) was sent by Allah to show the people of the world the right path.

At the age of forty light dawned upon him and he got the new truth. The Quran was revealed to him by Allah which teaches the Muslims many noble virtues. He preached: “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”. The new faith was accepted by a few people at first. But a great many of the Arabs were furious when they heard of the new religion Islam. They tortured his followers and tried to kill him.

He (S A W) along with his followers migrated to Madina. They warmly welcomed him. Many of them accepted Islam. The prophet and his followers were forced to fight a number of battles like Badar, Ohud and Khandaq in Madina. At last the prophet succeeded in bringing all Arabs in the fort of Islam.

This great soul passed away in 632 A.D. at the age of 63. But his work and teachings will be followed as long as the world lasts. He made Muslims brothers to one another. He (S A W built a great nation and powerful state. He is a role model for every Muslim. 313

2. How Do You Spend Leisure Time

Leisure time or free time is something everybody needs. During free time people express themselves in many different ways.   Moreover, some people are so busy in life they don’t have any free time. I love and enjoy free time; I spend my free time doing things that make me happy.   I spend my free time in reading books on different topics. Moreover, I spend time with my friends and family. First, I belong to a religious type of family. I recite the Holy Quran with translation in my leisure time which makes me a strong believer in Allah. I read books or novels also in my leisure time. I read grammar book for the improvement of my English. Next, I love being around my family they are the beat to my heart. When I am with my family I feel comfort.   For example, I would say, in my family we have our ups and downs but we still love each other. This religious touch in my family plays a vital role that we are so close to one another. Every now and then we spend our Sundays outside. We enjoy the time we spend together in the company of elders and youngsters of the family.
Similarly, every third or fourth evening we enjoy the company of best some friends. We randomly choose our meeting place and spend some quality time with each other. Sometimes it takes the form of a feast. We discuss each and every topic open mindedly. It’s the time where we are at our own best. It is rightly said that time flies in the company of friends.

My leisure time activities play the role of energizer for me. They refresh me for the tough routine of my life.

3. Importance of Technical Education

A true form of education is one that aims at the full and harmonious development of all aspects of human personality. The education which provides special practical knowledge of technologies and skills is known as technical education.

It imparts the knowledge strongly from the basics to advanced and modern technologies. It is different from general education. It is not about studying and passing of the examinations.

In view of the modern age of advancement, it is a fact that a country cannot keep pace with advanced countries unless it is fully equipped with technical experts.

Unemployment in a country leads to unrest and crime. Technical education solves the problem of unemployment. It supplies industries with a large body of trained workers. Technical education makes our children self-supporting. It shares the financial burden of the parents.

The cloth, sugar, iron and other industries need technical experts. Technical (or industrial) knowledge is necessary for us to run these industries. If a country owns sufficient technical hands with full of skills, it undoubtedly accelerates the pace of development. Technical hands cannot be unemployed. On the other hand, technical hands do not need to request others for jobs, if they start their own business; they can provide job opportunities to other educated people as well. Thus it helps us to reduce the problem of unemployment.

Technicians are required to raise new dams and maintain the old ones.

Agricultural progress can only be achieved if it is mechanized. Use of modern machines in farming save the time and labour of farmers. For this, technical experts of the highest order are urgently needed.

Technical Education  would be helpful to make successful career. It contributes a major share to the overall education system and plays an important role in the social and economic development of a nation. 300

4. How to Discourage Unfair Means in Exams

Unfair means in the examination means copying or cheating in the examination. It is an evil practice and it degrades the moral values of students.

We must take the following measures to deal with the problem of use of unfair means in exam.

Purpose of Examinations: The purpose of examinations should be gaining knowledge rather than to numbers or grades.

Legal Consequences: Strict laws regarding cheating should be implemented to prevent cheating. Those indulge in cheating shall be dealt with iron hands.

Incentives to Informers:  Students who are aware of cheaters should be given incentives in secret to prevent this malpractice.

Video Surveillance:  Using cameras in the examination halls even if they are dummies instills a fear of getting caught which itself will prevent cheating.

Stress on Policies and Guidelines Regarding Cheating: These policies and guidelines need to be fully communicated to students in various ways like the bulletin board, verbal announcement before the exams, warning on the exam sheet etc. This induces a fear and rejection of cheating.

Fair Exams: There is a need to create a test that is fair to the students. “Fair” means that the students have enough time to complete the exam material and that there is a reasonable grade distribution. 

Pre-coded Sheets:  Use of Pre-code answer sheets and test booklets that use a numbering system so that the number on each test booklet matches the one on each student’s answer sheet is also an effective way to prevent cheating.

Clever Marking: To eliminate cheating after the exam has been returned to students, mark the answer sheets in such a way that answers cannot be altered (such as using a permanent felt-tip pen). 

Seating Arrangements: Number seats and tests and then assign students to sit in the seat with the same number as the number on their test. 300


Historical events, distinct works of genius, wondrous achievements, admirable accomplishments and the cultivation of human art collectively constitute the culture of a nation. Pakistani culture is remarkably exceptional for its brilliant historical heritage. The most startling and spectacular characteristic of our culture is the Muslim Architecture.

Last summer, my friends and I sketched out a program to visit the historical places of Lahore. We packed our luggage and started our journey. We decided to visit the tomb of Jahangir. The four magnificent minarets of the tomb presented an exquisite view. A high wall and an elegantly decorated big gate guarded the tomb of the great emperor. The tomb lies in the heart of a fragrant park. The park was fragrant with colourful buds and blooming flowers. The flowers “fluttering in the breeze” presented a spectacular sight. The fruit trees were blossoming. Birds were twittering.

A lovely fountain was sprinkling its light shower. Soon afterwards, we saw the majestic Mughal Art. What a life of luxury he had enjoyed; but now he was lying desolate and deserted in the sheer calm of infinity.

The walls of the room were adorned with beautiful design. We offered “Fateha” and prayed to God to be Merciful and Beneficent to the departed soul. As a whole, the building is a unique specimen of Muslim architecture and matchless in its beauty and structure.

We had a view of Lahore from above. The cool breeze, the silver clouds and the blooming flowers made a lasting impact on our memory.

When the brightness of the day faded, we headed home. Our minds were full of solemn thoughts. 276

6. Why I Love Pakistan

Patriotism is devoted love, support and defence of one’s country. It is an attachment to a homeland. A person becomes emotionally attached to the place where he lives. It is a natural passion. I also love my country very much. I am proud of Pakistan, its history, culture and brave people. It is my beloved country and motherland.

l love my country Pakistan, for its ideology. Pakistan is the fort and heart of Islamic world. We achieved it in the name of Islam, so that we may perform our religious duties freely according to our own will. Its constitution is completely based on Islamic principles. It is a state where we are free to shape our destiny. Here we are free in our political, social, religious and educational fields. It is a place where we feel safe and live a life according to our religious principles.

I am proud of my people whose personalities and achievements inspired the people of the whole world. It’s the land where our hero, our leader Qauid-e-Azam had lived. It’s the place where the great and glorious men like Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Hafeez Jalindhari, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Dr. Abdul Qadeer and many more had passed their magnificent lives.

My country is full of many beautiful natural scenes. It is the land of mighty mountains, fast flowing rivers, beautiful valleys, outstanding landscape, lush green fields and trees. The unbelievably beautiful scenes of Kalam, Naraan, Kagaan, Swat and Kashmir marvel the visitors. The tourists can’t help praising the awesome scenic beauty of these places.

As I love my country, I want to see Pakistan to be a true and ideal Islamic state. I wish to see my motherland a free, fearless, more united and affluent country. For this, we all need to work individually and collectively. We need to change our character positively. May our efforts result in success and Pakistan gets progress by leaps and bounds? 320

7. Advantages and Disadvantages of Cell Phones

Today, mobile phone has become popular to everybody. Nearly everyone uses a phone according to his taste and status.


The best advantage of having a mobile phone is that you can communicate to your family and your friends no matter where you are. For instance, you can contact easily to your friends by calling or sending messages everywhere. From the customer’s point of view, it is obvious that mobile phones assist you in business a lot, such as, make schedule of working, surf the internet, and keep in touch with their companies. Moreover, you can relax with mobile phone’s applications, for example, play games, listen to music, or chat with your friends.

From educational point of view, you may have dictionaries and books in your smart phones. You can go online for any learning material. Mobile phones provide you camera, calculator, alarm clock, watch, maps, compass, calendars and many more facilities near at hand.


Using a lot mobile phone can harm your brain, particularly teenager and children who are under 16. If you use mobile phones too much, you will get bad effects like dizzy, blood-brain barrier, or ears problems. It can cause stress and increase the anxiety level. When you use mobile phones while you are driving, you will get an accident. Radiations emitted from the phone are dead harmful for the eardrum. Your mobile phones noise irritates other people in restaurants, buses etc. mobile phones can waste a lot of your precious time. Surfing immoral sites can degrade the moral values.

Owning a mobile phone, you can solve many issues and hold most of information around the world. Even though it is not good for your health and you have to protect yourself from bad effects of mobile phones if you choose to have one.300

8. Choice of Career

“The ambition if reached or not makes the life great.” (Browning)

Aristotle maintains that man is a goal seeking animal. His life becomes meaningful only when he struggles for his goals.

“Not failure but low aim is a crime”

My philosophy of life is that we should set our goal and then we should try hard to achieve it.

There are as many ambitions as there are men. Some want to be doctors, others to be engineers. Some crave to be civil and military officers, others to be poet and novelists. My ambition in life is to have neither power nor wealth. I do not want to be a king but a kingmaker I believe only in the well-being of humanity, and it can only be achieved by education and reeducation of my fellow citizens.

“A teacher affects eternity. Teaching had been the profession of prophets. I have a good temperament and taste for teaching. As a good mother rears good children a teacher builds up a good nation, Allah sent our beloved Prophet (SAW) to this world as a teacher for the whole of humanity. The best people are those who teach others. A teacher is an engineer maker, a doctor maker, and an officer maker.

I want to be an English teacher because English is the language that is spoken and understood by most of the people in the world. Books on modern science, philosophy, history, commerce and other subjects are mostly in English. So, if we want to produce good engineers, doctors, administrators and lawmakers, the study of English language in inevitable.

To achieve my ambition, I work day and night. I devote all my time to study English language and literature. Aims and ambitions are very important to determine a career or profession for us. 320

9. Evening Walk

The daily walk is an excellent exercise. It refreshes our mind as well as soul. A morning walk and an evening walk have their own charms and importance.

I go for a walk around 7 o’clock in the evening. I go to a park which is nearby to our house. There I meet my friends and play with them.

In cities people after taking their dinner go out for an evening walk with their families. The entire tired­ness of the day is gone with the fragrant smell of flowers in the park, and they feel refreshed. There is a good crowd in the parks. There are lots of children, young and old there. Children are seen playing different types of games. Some of them play with the balloons. Young ones have a stroll on green grassy carpet of the park. The older ones have their own gather­ings.

After we finish playing with our friends, we sit on the grass and relax. It is a very beautiful sight. The birds also fling back to their nests in a group. Sweet notes of their twittering give us a lot of joy.

The evening walk has its own pleasure as evening time is as thrill­ing as morning. Because of the sunset sky is scarlet coloured.

The heat of the summer season due to sun cools down by the evening time. Nature is also bathed in beauty. There is greenery all round. The weather is quite pleasant in the evening as there is no heat or dust storm to give us uneasiness.

By the time there is darkness people start moving back to their houses. An evening walk is the best tonic for the people to refresh their bodies and soul. 287

10. An Interesting Match

I have played many memorable matches in my life that ended closely in our victory or defeat. One such interesting match of my life was when our school team played the inter-school final. It was on November 1, 2019.

Our school team played the final with last year inter-school champion team. We all were very exciting. We won the toss and our captain elected to bat first. The weather was cloudy that day. At around 10 am, the match started. Our team played and scored 180 in 20 overs. It was a good and amazing innings to watch. Both our openers made an excellent start. They collected 75 runs in 7 overs. We lost 3 wickets in the next few overs with the score of just 95. The opposite team made a good comes back and we were 135 for 6 by end of 15 overs. However, our all-rounder Ali smashed some fours and sixes in the last overs. We reached 180 runs by end of 20 overs.

The second innings started after lunch. The rival team’s openers were great and scored 120 in the start. We all thought that we would definitely loss the match but turning point came when one of our fast bowlers took the wicket of the opener and that was the turning point in the match. We took wickets in regular intervals. None of the batsman could make any huge contribution. We headed towards victory and their whole team was out at 160.

It was a great victory to enjoy. Large numbers of spectators had enjoyed the match. We celebrated our victory with great fun. 271

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