Essay for best friend, books, teacher, Policeman

Are you searching for Primary School Essay here you can see Essay for best friend, books, teacher, Policeman Top 12 Essays For Class one to Class 5th it’s mostly used for Government Primary Schools and also all Pakistan Govt? School.

Top 12 Essays For Class one to Class 5th


It is a book .it is my book .it is an English book. It is made of paper. It is for the 5thclass. It has eight nine pages.  I read it daily. Its price is Rs.300 I bought it from the Bazar. I like it very much. There are many essays in this book. And many applications and stories are in this book. Saeed Jan is the author of this book.

Top 12 Essays For Class one to Class 5th
Essay for best friend, books, teacher, Policeman 5


Mr Ibrahim is not only my best teacher. But also the best teacher. Of the entire school. He teaches us Urdu. He explains Each and every word so nicely that it gets inscribed on our heart and brain .particularly, the explanation of poems is almost dramatic. We feel that we are watching a scene of a drama. He was very kind and synesthetic.

He neither punishes nor abuses any students in the class. Every student does the homework given by him. He checks it regularly and points out the mistakes done by the student.  He advises every student to pray and pay respect to elders. We all love him from the core of our hearts.                              


Essay for best friend, books, teacher, Police man
Essay for best friend, books, teacher, Policeman 6


Ali is my best friend. He is my class fellow. He lives next to my home. His father is a doctor and a very fast friend of my father.  My friend lives neat and clean.

We go to school together. We play together and do our homework together. in all school activities, we take a very active part. Sometimes I feel jealous when he scores more marks than me in the terminal examination. I am proud of my friend.

Indpendence day essay

Top 12 Essays For Class one to Class 5th
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THE cow is a useful animal. It is found all over the world. It is of different kinds and colours. It gives us milk, which is very useful for our health. We make butter, curd, cheese, ghee and many other things from its milk.

Her bones are used for making toys, buttons, combs and handles of knives. Her skin is used for making shoes; her meat is eaten by many people all the world over.

Her dung is used as fuel. Dung is a good fertilizer for agricultural purposes. She eats green grass, hay and straw. Because of many advantages. She is a great blessing for human beings.

Her male is called ‘’OX’’. The ox ploughs the field draws carts and carries the heavy loads on its back.

Top 12 Essays For Class one to Class 5th
Essay for best friend, books, teacher, Policeman 8


The dog is a faithful animal it is like by man for its loyalty to him. It waves its tail to offer it’s master a hearty welcome. It is of different kinds and sizes. Some dogs are small and some are big.

Some have short tails and some have long ones. Some dogs have very fine fur on their bodies. It eats bread and meat. It watches our houses at night.  It is the enemy of strangers, beggars and cats.

Essay for Class Two


THE horse is a useful animal. It is found all over the world. It is Different kinds and a very faithful and intelligent animal. It obeys its master. It is used for riding and drawing carriages.

It is given the training to run races and to perform wonderful fests in circus shows. It eats green grass, hay, straw, and grains.

The Arabian horses are considered to be the best in the world. The long hairs on its neck are called mane.  


The camel is a very ugly animal. It has a big body. It has a long neck and a short tail. It is generally of brown colour. It has a big hump on its back. Its hump is full of fats and serves as a store for food. Its feet are padded. Then do not sink in the sand. It can run fast over heaps of sand.

It is therefore called ‘’the ship of the desert’’. It can store water in its stomach and can live without water for many days. It is used as a beast of burden. It can carry heavy loads to distant places it lives on bushes, leaves and grass. Camels are very faithful to their masters as long as than treat them well. But when they are treated ill, they are the worst kind of enemy.

Top 12 Essays For Class one to Class 5th


A farmer is the most useful member of our society. He leads a very simple life. He goes to his field very early in the morning. He works there till sunset. Sometimes he is sloughing the field; sometimes he is feeding his cattle. He is busy with his work all day long. He knows his work very well.

He knows the times of sowing the seeds and the season of reaping the crops. His dress and food both are very simple. The whole nation depends upon him. He is the backbone of the nation. Most of the people of our country live on farming.

Top 12 Essays For Class one to Class 5th


The policeman is a very useful public servant. He is to keep peace, laws and order in the country. He stands at the crossing in the cities and controls the traffic. He has a whistle with him to stop those who break the rules. Cars, buses, trucks and cycles cannot pass unless he allows them.

He catches the lawbreakers and takes them to the court. His duty is very hard. He obeys his officers’ orders and goes wherever then sand him. He keeps watching at night. If he comes into a village with chains in his hands, the people are afraid of him. The pay of the police is very small.

His work is very important. Nowadays all the policemen are educated. They are kind and polite.


Yaseen is our school peon. He is a tall and strong man. He is very active and smart. He is thirty-nine years old. He has been serving in this school for the last seven years. He is very dutiful.  He come to school in the morning; open the windows of the classrooms and dusts the table and chairs.

He also cleans the chairs and tables in the office of the principal. He sits on the bench outside of the principal. He rings the ball according to the timetable. He carries the principal orders to the teachers. He gives letters to the students in their classes. He closes all the doors and windows when school time is over.


The morning walk is very useful for health. It makes us cheerful and healthy. Our brain becomes fresh and ready for the day’s works. I get up early in the morning. My friend Waleed also joins me for a walk. We both go to the canal. We pass through many friends. Birds fly about in the fields.

Their sweet songs amuse us very much. In a short time, we reach the canal. There we have a cold bath and say our morning prayers. Then we walk up and down the canal bank, laughing and chatting. We come across many people. Some swim in the water. When the sun rises, the dewdrops on the leaves of the plants shine like pearls. Then we come back to our homes, have our breakfast and go to school. 


My father name is Mr ARIF. He is a teacher. He is B.A B.Ed. he teaches in our school. He is very honest and hardworking. He teaches very well. All the boys and teachers respect him. The principal always praises him for his good qualities. My father is fond of study. He read many books. His method of teaching is very good.

He wishes to educate his children. He sends us all to school. If we are lazy, he gets angry. He never beats us. He is a loving and kind father.  He is very simple.  He puts on simple clothes. He does not smoke. He advises us also not to smoke.  He is a tall and healthy man. He says all his prayers regularly. He is a very regular and punctual person.


My school

I read in Govt high school Gujrat (MARDAN). It is situated outside of our village. It has a strong boundary wall around it, with two main gates. Our school has thirty-three big rooms, besides the staff room and the principal‘s office. All the rooms are very airy and well lighted. They are fitted with electricity.

There is a big Hall in the centre of the building. Our school has a big playground. Most of the days take part in games. The compound of the school looks very beautiful and pleasant with the flower beds around it. There are nine hundred in our school. Many of them come from the neighbouring.

There are twenty-five teachers in our school. All the teachers are trained and very hard working. The library has also nearly fifteen hundred books. The laboratory is also well equipped. There is one computer lab in our has thirty computers in the computer Labe. Our school shows good results every year.

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