Class 9th PDF Books Free Download 2021

Class 9th PDF Books Free Download 2021

English Book for Class 9th Free Download,

Class 9th PDF Books Free Download 2021
Class 9th PDF Books Free Download 2021 5

1.         Unit: 1: Prophet Muhammad (4)1) the Model of Tolerance-4

2.         Unit: 2: Iqbal’s Message to. Youth                                                                        19

3.         Unit: 3: Quaid-A Great Leader                                                                               33

4.         Unit: 4: The Daffodils                                                                                            46

5          Unit: 5: The Madina Charter                                                                                 56


6 Unit: 6: Nasiruddin                                                                                                           75

7 Unit: 7: The Two Bargains                                                                                              91

8 Unit: 8: “Hope is the Thing with Feather”                                                                     107

9 Unit: 9: The Fantastic Shoemaker                                                                                 117

10 Unit: 10: Technology in Everyday Life                                                                       136


11 Units: 11: Safety First                                                                                                    157

12 Unit: 12: The old Woman                                                                                              170

13 Unit: 13: Letter to the Newspaper Editor                                                                     178

14 Unit: 14: Biodiversity in Pakistan                                                                                 191

15 Unit: 15: Abou Ben Adhem                                                                                          204


Stanzas, Paraphrases and Questions Answer of poem, summaries of poem

Page No        214


Important Translation from text, general, proverbs: –                                                     225


Paragraph comprehension question answer –                                                          228

1.         Parts Of Speech                                                                                                       244

2.         Tenses-                                                                                                                         250

3. Active Voice and Passive Voice                                                                                   784

)%. Applications                                                                                                                   789

Letters                                                                                                                                    294

Stories                                                                                                                                    300

Class 9th PDF Books Free Download 2021,
Class 9th PDF Books Free Download 2021 6

English Note for Class ninth Free Donload

English Book:

Class 9th PDF Books Free Download 2021

Preface of Class 9th Chemistry PDF Book

Lots of thanks to Almighty ALLAH Who enabled me to write these standard notes for class 9th chemistry. These notes are written in accordance with the new syllabus for 9th class students. In presenting these notes, care has been taken to fill a gap that often develops in teaching the students of chemistry. Very easy sentences have been used which are very easy to understand. I hope it will. Play a leading role in getting outstanding marks in the examination.

I dedicated my academic success and progress in life to my family whose endless prayers are a source of encouragement and determination for me throughout the long years of my education and to my teachers whose guidance and hard work made me such a person whom I could not able to be without them.

It is hoped that factual errors are not present in these notes. The author and Publisher will appreciate having errors, if any, called to his attention and would welcome all types of suggestions for the approval of these notes.

Class 9th PDF Books Free Download 2021 1
Class 9th PDF Books Free Download 2021 7

Biology Book:

Computer Notes,

Class 9th PDF Books Free Download 2021

Islamyat Notes:

Mutalea Quran Book:

Class 9th PDF Books Free Download 2021 2
Class 9th PDF Books Free Download 2021 8

Pak Study Notes:

Physics Notes:

Urdu Notes for Class 9th

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