Top 10 Chapter 9 and 10 English Notes Class 10th

Chapter 9 and 10 English Notes Class 10th

BISE Mardan, English Notes for Class 10th, Chapter 9 and 10, with Grammer 2021

English Notes For Class 10th Chapter 1 to 8

BISE Mardan English Notes for Class 10th, Chapter 9 and 10 with Grammer 2021
Top 10 Chapter 9 and 10 English Notes Class 10th 2

Poem “Tools” Edgar Guest.

A. Answer the following question.

Q1: Interpretation of the second stanza of the poem “Goods”?
Answer: My son! You have to understand the fact that God has endowed you with all the abilities that He has given to all great human beings. Like these great human beings, you also have two arms, two hands, two legs, two eyes and a brain.

All great men have started their lives with these things, so start reaching the top because you can do everything.

Q2: Summarize the poem “Tools”?

The poem is written by Edgar Guest. In this poem, he addresses us and says that every person in this world has been given the same physical abilities i.e. eyes, ears, legs, hands, arms and brain. Older men also have these abilities.

All great people use these common tools in their daily lives to become the greatest man in the world. All human beings are the same in terms of physical constitution and physical strength, so it is possible for every human being to reach the top and achieve great goals.

Q3: Write poetry scheme of poetry instruments?
Answer: The poetry scheme of the instrument of poetry is AABBC. The poet sometimes repeats some words like the word “two” in line 3.

Q4: What is the subject of discipline?
Answer: The subject of discipline is that Allah has endowed all human beings with all the tools required for success. Now it is up to them whether they use these devices or not. Everyone is responsible for their own destiny.

Q5: Explain the statement “All human beings are created equal” in the light of instruments?


In the poem, the poet says that all human beings are created equal. This means that Allah gave all human beings two eyes, two legs, two hands, two arms and a brain. Now it is up to them how to use these qualities and abilities.

Q6: How do you feel after reading the poem?
A: After reading the poem, we feel more excited, energetic, optimistic and optimistic. Poetry gave us some extra energy and gave us determination.

B. Choose the right option.

  1. (b) metaphor 2. (c) advice 3. (a) imagery.
  2. (d) optimism 5. (d) will, courage and self-control



A preposition is a word that is used to connect a noun, pronoun, or sentence to other words within a sentence. They work to connect people, objects, time and places in a sentence. Prepositions are usually short words, and they are usually placed directly in front of the noun. In some cases, you will find prepositions in front of gerund verbs.i.e. I, off, from, etc. are prepositions.
A. Choose the correct prediction of movement or direction in each sentence.

  1. (a) to 2. (d) with 3. (c) down 4. (a) 5. in (a) to.

B. Choose the correct prediction of time or place in each sentence.

  1. (d) 2. away from (a) off 3. (b) down 4. (c) on.
  2. (b) Since 6. (a) 7. (c) 8 to (a) at

A preposition is a group of words that includes a preposition, its object, and any word that changes a thing. Most of the time, a preposition edits a sentence, verb or noun.

Complete the following sentences by choosing the appropriate sentence.

  1. (c) Except 2. (a) To a large extent.
  2. (a) Nevertheless 4. (b) Except.
  3. Deal with (b)

English Notes for Class 10th

Top 10 Chapter 9 and 10 English Notes Class 10th

Water shortage in Pakistan

A. Answer the following questions.

Q1: What are the main sources of water in Pakistan?
Answer: The main sources of water in Pakistan are glaciers, rain, rivers and groundwater.

Q2: What are the drainage systems of Pakistan? Briefly describe cribe.
Answer: There are three river drainage systems in Pakistan.

  1. Indus Basin: It originates in Tibet and flows westwards and finally falls into the Arabian Sea. It covers an area of ​​365,000 square miles. We get 141.67 million square feet of water from it.
  2. Closed Basin Kharan Desert: Its main rivers are Pishin Laura, Badu Rakhshan and Mashkhel. It covers an area of ​​120,100 square kilometers and we get 4.5 million acre feet of water from it.
  3. Makran Coastal Basin: It consists of Malir, Hub, Purali, Kid, Hangul, Nai, Dasht, Mashhai, Nihang and Ketch rivers. It covers an area of ​​122,400 square kilometers. We get 0.78 million gallons of water from it.

Q3: What are the main causes of water scarcity in Pakistan? Discuss.
Answer: The main causes of water scarcity in Pakistan are as follows.

  1. Rapid population growth 2. Construction of dams by India on Chenab and Jhelum rivers 3. Water loss. 4. Non-construction of more water reservoirs 5. Rapid depletion of ground water.

Q4: What steps can we take to overcome water scarcity in Pakistan?
Answer: We can take the following steps to overcome water scarcity in Pakistan.

  1. Construction of water reservoirs 2. Control water loss.
  2. Increase the use of efficient water crops. 4. Adopt efficient methods of irrigation water. 5. Implementation of National Water Policy 2018.

Q5: What role can you play in protecting your home and surroundings?
A: We can do the following to contribute to the protection of water in and around our home. We should check our house for leaks. We should take a short shower. We should use less water for domestic use etc.

Q6: What is the significance of creating national aquifers?
Answer: The construction of national water reservoirs is important because they provide water for domestic, industrial and irrigation purposes. They also provide hydroelectric power generation and river navigation.

B. Choose the right options.

  1. (c) personality 2. (b) deprived
  2. (a) Save water and reduce its waste. 4. (d) Seventh.
  3. (d) Save water to secure your future.

English Notes Class 10th


Infinitive: An infinitive is a form of a verb that can be used as a noun, adjective or adjective. Most infinitives start with “from”.

A. Find infinitives in each sentence. Identify each one as an adjective, adjective, or noun.

  1. Reading 2. Sharing, caring, giving, receiving 3. Voting 4. Calling.
  2. Finish 6. Go 7. Case, Solve 8. Fly.

Infinite Sentence: An infinite sentence consists of an infinite sentence with modifiers and completions. The whole sentence can be used as a noun, adjective or adjective.

  1. To win his friendship 2. To sleep 3. To talk about the problem.
  2. To bring cookies 5. To win the lottery 6. To see cold days.
  3. Obeying at all times. 8. Thinking on the argument.

Gerands: Gerands is a “verb + ing” used as a noun. That is swimming etc.

Water shortage in Pakistan

A. Use the following genres.

Answer 1: Always check the oil before starting the car.

  1. The house looked beautiful after decorating with lights.
  2. Praising everyone the same is not a compliment.
  3. I can not do anything.
  4. Accumulating wealth destroys health.
  5. Seeing is faith.
  6. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.
  7. It is foolish to talk like that.
  8. She likes to read books.

Gernd Sentence: A gernd phrase consists of a gernd and related words.

B. Underline the general sentence in the following sentences.

Answer 1: Walking fast 2. Playing bridge. 3. Promise Sami.
Standing on a two-hour train. 5. Shipping on the lake.

  1. Volunteering at the hospital 7. Watching quiz shows on TV.
  2. Garbage removal.

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