7 Continents of The World Full Detail

7 Continents of The World Full Detail

7 Continents of The World Full Detail. The continent, one of the largest continental aggregates, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australia, listed in order of size. There is a big difference in the size of the continents. Asia is five times bigger than Australia. Greenland, the world’s largest island, is only a quarter the size of Australia. Continents differ sharply in the degree of their compactness. Africa has the most regular coastline, and as a result, the total area of ​​the coastline is the lowest. Europe is the most volatile and marginalized and has the largest proportion of the total area of ​​the coastline.

7 Continents of The World Full Detail
7 Continents of The World Full Detail


Continent and Region Populations 2021

There are seven continents in the world:








As of 2017, the global population has reached more than 7.5 billion people, spanning the inhabited continents of Africa 🌍, North and South America 🌎, Asia 🌏, Europe 🇪🇺 and Australia/Oceania. Encompassing the two most highly populated countries in the world – China and India – Asia is by far the largest of the continents, with a total population of over 4.5 billion people.



This continent is the largest of the seven, with 30% of the earth’s land mass and 60% of its population. It is connected to the main land mass of Europe, with the border defined somewhat by the Ural Mountains that run through Russia and the Bosporus that cuts through Turkey. Two countries are split between Europe and Asia: Turkey and Russia. Additionally, Asia borders North Africa via the sections that Israel, Palestine, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia share with Egypt.

There are many large regions inside of Asia. The Middle East stretches from Turkey through Saudi Arabia and is dominated by Sunni Islam and the Arabic language, although a significant number of Christians, Jews, and followers of other religions and speakers of other languages live there, as well. Central Asia goes from Iran to the border of India. India is considered a region in and of itself, but it has similarities, as well as conflicts, with its neighboring countries that were carved out of it – Pakistan and Bangladesh. East Asia has large, influential, and powerful countries like Mongolia, China, South Korea, and Japan. Southeast Asia includes many coastal and island nations, such as Myanmar, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Much of Asia was heavily colonized by European powers, perhaps most prominently India’s colonization by the United Kingdom. The conflicts between Pakistan and India today, as well as many other conflicts in Asia, are the legacies of European colonization in Asia. That said, before colonization, Asia had some of the earliest civilizations and greatest empires in the world.

Asia has some of the most extreme geography on the planet. The Himalayas are the largest mountain range in the world, and the Gobi desert is one of the largest deserts in the world. Siberia, on the continent’s northern end, is frozen for much of the year, while the South Asian region is tropical and warm. Monsoons in India and nearby countries bring periodic floods, and temperature swings in some locations can be extremely volatile.

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In addition to having varied geography, of all the continents, Asia is experiencing perhaps the most devastating effects of climate change. Some countries’ coastlines are eroding, and some islands may soon disappear altogether.

Asia has historically been very poor, primarily due to the effects of European colonization, but today, many of its countries – notably South Korea, Indonesia, China, and India – have rapidly-growing economies. They are now rivaling the economies of countries like Germany and the United States; soon, Europe’s “mirror” may overshadow it and become a much more dominant force in the world.

30 Most Populous Countries in Asia


2021 Population

🇨🇳 CHINA 1,439,323,776

🇮🇳 INDIA 1,380,004,385

🇮🇩 INDONESIA 273,523,615

🇵🇰 PAKISTAN 220,892,340

🇧🇩 BANGLADESH 164,689,383

🇯🇵 JAPAN 126,476,461

🇵🇭 PHILIPPINE 109,581,078

🇻🇳 VIETNAM 97,338,579

🇹🇷 TURKEY 84,339,067

🇮🇷 IRAN 83,992,949

🇹🇭 THAILAND 69,799,978

🇲🇲 MYANMAR 54,409,800

🇰🇷 SOUTH KOREA 51,269,185

🇮🇶 IRAQ 40,222,493

🇦🇫 AFGHANISTAN 38,928,346

🇸🇦 SAUDI ARABIA 34,813,871

🇺🇿 UZBEKISTAN 33,469,203

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🇲🇾 MALAYSIA 32,365,999

🇾🇪 YEMEN 29,825,964

🇳🇵 NEPAL 29,136,808

🇰🇵 NORTH KOREA 25,778,816

🇹🇼 TAIWAN 23,816,775

🇱🇰 SRI LANKA 21,413,249

🇰🇿 KAZAKHSTAN 18,776,707

🇸🇾 SYRIA 17,500,658

🇰🇭 CAMBODIA 16,718,965

🇯🇴 JORDAN 10,203,134

🇦🇿 AZERBAIJAN 10,139,177


🇹🇯 TAJIKISTAN 9,537,645

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