100 Important Solved MCQS including synonyms Police Constable Preparation

100 Important Solved MCQS including synonyms Police Constable Preparation

100 Important Solved MCQS including synonyms Police Constable Preparation. English Notes: Complete notices for preparation of English tests / examinations in various departments like PPSC, SPSC, NTS, CSS, PMS, KPPSC, BPSC, AJKPSC, COMPETITIVE EXAMINATIONS, Navy, PAF, ARMY, POLICE.

100 Important Solved MCQS including synonyms Police Constable Preparation
100 Important Solved MCQS including synonyms Police Constable Preparation

100 Important Solved MCQS including synonyms

For Constable, Lady & Driver Constable, ASI, Sub-Inspector

1. Would you mind ———- a picture with you?

A. take

B. to take

C. taking (Answer)

E. taken

2. My brother was trembling ——– cold.

A. from

B. with (Answer)

C. of

D. by

3. Can you switch off ——– television ‘ please?

A. a

B. an

C. the (Answer)

D. none

4. Thank you. That was —— very nice dinner.

A. an

B. a (Answer)

C. the

D. none

5. I am now quite————–and hearty.

A. Hail

B. Hale (Answer)

C. Hell

D. Hall

6. Who is known as the Poet of Nature?

A. William Black

B. William Shakespeare

C. William Wordsworth (Answer)

D. William Butler Yeats

7. Synonym of Ridiculous is ————————–?

A. silly (Answer)

B. Glorious

C. Frivolous

D. None of these

8. Synonym of Stunning is ————————–?

A. Magician

B. Beautiful (Answer)

C. Vain

D. None of these

9. Prime Minister has arrived ——– London.

A. at

B. to

C. in (Answer)

D. from

E. none

10. He tried to park his car but ———- space wasn’t big enough.

A. a

B. an

C. the (Answer)

D. none

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100 Important Solved MCQS including synonyms Police Constable Preparation 6

11. The Synonym of “Diligent” is——————–?

A. Hardworking (Answer)

B. Witty

C. Deliberate

D. Lazy

12. I did not ——– to university yesterday.

A. went

B. go (Answer)

C. gone

D. going

13. He is now ashamed ——– his conduct.

A. from

B. with

C. of (Answer)

D. by

E. at

14. He always comes ———- home late.

A. to

B. at

C. Both A & B

D. None of above

15. I ———— lie from now on.

A. don’t

B. didn’t

C. haven’t

D. won’t (Answer)

E. hadn’t

16. I am shy ———- my teacher.

A. with

B. from

C. of (Answer)

D. to

E. none

17. ——– you call your friend yesterday?

A. Have

B. Had

C. Will

D. Did (Answer)

E. Do

18. She turned heads wherever she went. What does the idiom/phrase “turn heads” mean?

A. too pleased

B. get angry

C. attract a lot of attention (Answer)

D. not knowing what to say

E. get acquainted

19. I looked ——– you at the party ‘ but I didn’t see you.

A. to

B. at

C. for (Answer)

D. on

E. none

20. I am not acquainted ——– her father.

A. of

B. from

C. with (Answer)

D. to

E. at

21. I saw you dancing ———- party.

A. at

B. at a

C. at the (Answer)

D. in

E. in the

22. I told the tailor to put red buttons ———- the dress he is making for me.

A. in

B. at

C. on (Answer)

D. over

E. none

23. Either Sana or her friends ———— present there.

A. was

B. were (Answer)

C. is

D. none

24. We often watch ——– television.

A. a

B. an

C. the

D. none

25. We congratulate you ——– your achievement.

A. for

B. to

C. on (Answer)

D. at

E. by

26. My friend is a couch potato. What does the idiom/phrase “couch potato” means?

A. active person

B. busy person

C. lazy person (Answer)

D. angry person

27. Passive voice of “They broke up the table for firewood” is ——————————————?

A. The table broke up for firewood by them.

B. The table has broken up for firewood by them.

C. The table had broken up for firewood by them. (Answer)

D. The table was broken up for firewood by them.

28. Sana! Please ———— a tea?

A. Taken

B. Drank

C. Have (Answer)

D. Put

29. He is worried ———- his future.

A. for

B. of

C. about (Answer)

D. from

E. with

30. She is interested ———- drawing and painting.

A. of

B. at

C. in (Answer)

D. with

E. on

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100 Important Solved MCQS including synonyms Police Constable Preparation 7

31. Please do not get angry —- me.

A. with (Answer)

B. on

C. at

D. towards

32. —- the night mysterious creatures prowl.

A. in (Answer)

B. at

C. on

D. along

33. You should not jest ———— his poverty.

A. on

B. with

C. at (Answer)

D. of

34. Sana is not known ———— me.

A. to (Answer)

B. on

C. at

D. with

35. I am proud ———— my brother.

A. with

B. of (Answer)

C. to

D. at

E. on

36. Head is covered ——– hair.

A. of

B. with (Answer)

C. at

D. by

E. from

37. The weather was —————— the exceptionally poor harvest.

A. accused of

B. blamed for (Answer)

C. found fault with for

D. condemned for

38. Do you mean to say you exchanged that lovely car ——– this?

A. with

B. on

C. by

D. for

39. When the meeting had finished ‘ they went ———- the plan once again.

A. down

B. on

C. up

D. over

40. I don’t see any ———- in arriving early at the theatre if the show doesn’t start until 9 o’clock.

A. aim

B. reason

C. cause

D. point

41. She is teaching two classes and is examining at a literature exam tomorrow. ————– ‘ she is chairing a meeting at Islamabad.

A. at the top of it

B. on the top of it

C. on top of it

D. at top

42. They are anxious ———— his health.

A. for

B. at

C. about (Answer)

D. on

43. There is still no cure ———- AIDS.

A. of

B. to

C. for (Answer)

D. with

44. Synonym of “blissful” is ——————?

A. maudlin

B. dour

C. beatific (Answer)

D. moot

E. modish

45. Synonym of “celibate” is ——————?

A. single (Answer)

B. double

C. married

D. bald

E. hypocritical

46. Synonym of “homogenous” is ——————?

A. heterogeneous

B. motley

C. scrambled (Answer)

D. different

E. similar

47. Synonym of “garrulous” is ——————?

A. laconic

B. strangling

C. ecstatic (Answer)

D. frozen

E. wordy

48. Synonym of “vestige” is ——————?

A. clothing

B. trace (Answer)

C. under-garment

D. hallway

E. hope

49. Synonym of “mores” is ——————?

A. morals

B. customs (Answer)

C. taxes

D. fiscal year

E. swamp

50. Synonym of “pelt” is ——————?

A. to throw things at (Answer)

B. touch softly

C. place in layers

D. remove from

51. Synonym of “sumptuous” is ——————?

A. swampy

B. irritable

C. meagre

D. fancy

E. lavish

52. Synonym of “ captious” is ——————?

A. prominent

B. carping (Answer)

C. critical

D. caustic

E. epigrammatic

53. Synonym of “indigence” is ——————?

A. nativity

B. tolerance

C. gossiping

D. poverty (Answer)

E. eating

54. Synonym of “incorrigible” is ——————?

A. commendable

B. incorruptible

C. unchangeable (Answer)

D. overbearing

55. Synonym of “intractable” is ——————?

A. hard to manage (Answer)

B. barbaric

C. flawless

D. elusive

56. Synonym of “patois” is ——————?

A. glib talk

B. slang

C. computer language

D. local dialect

57. Synonym of “bifurcate” is ——————?

A. to fork or divide (Answer)

B. belch

C. think meditatively

D. explain at length

58. Synonym of “syllogism” is ——————?

A. harmony

B. word division

C. sensible observation

D. reasoning method

59. Synonym of “countenance” is ——————?

A. opposition

B. proper conduct

C. agreeable quality

D. facial expression

60. Synonym of “pastime” is ——————?

A. antiquity

B. memory

C. recreation (Answer)

D. tardiness

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100 Important Solved MCQS including synonyms Police Constable Preparation 8

61. Synonym of “ineluctable” is ——————?

A. subtle

B. inevitable (Answer)

C. incapable

D. insoluble

62. Synonym of “subterranean” is ——————?

A. underground (Answer)

B. stealthy

C. built up

D. cavernous

63. Synonym of “infinite” is ——————?

A. verbal

B. indefinite

C. endless (Answer)

D. strange

E. vague

64. Synonym of “fastidious” is ——————?

A. speedy

B. precise

C. squeamish (Answer)

D. hungry

E. slow

65. Synonym of “demise” is ——————?

A. residence

B. dismissal

C. accident

D. act

E. death

66. Synonym of “filch” is ——————?

A. pretend

B. dirty

C. embarrass

D. steal (Answer)

E. honor

67. Synonym of “disconcert” is ——————?

A. sing in harmony

B. pretend

C. cancel program

D. confuse (Answer)

E. interrupt

68. Synonym of “virago” is ——————?

A. bacillus

B. chastity

C. shrew (Answer)

D. wanton

E. tirade

69. Synonym of “persiflage” is ——————?

A. banter (Answer)

B. oppression

C. sarcasm

D. bigotry

E. simile

70. Synonym of “loquacious” is ——————?

A. situated

B. gregarious

C. taciturn

D. antisocial

E. garrulous

71. Synonym of “tractable” is ——————?

A. practicable

B. amenable (Answer)

C. indisposed

D. critical

E. artistic

72. Synonym of “saturnine” is ——————?

A. planetary

B. gloomy (Answer)

C. astronomic

D. hopeful

E. temperate

73. Synonym of “vindictive” is ——————?

A. revengeful (Answer)

B. triumphant

C. strategic

D. demonstrative

E. bigoted

74. Synonym of “frustration” is ——————?

A. satiety

B. facility

C. thwart (Answer)

D. nostalgia

E. lethargy

75. Synonym of “phlegmatic” is ——————?

A. stolid (Answer)

B. respiratory

C. animated

D. pneumatic

E. aroused

76. Synonym of “punctilious” is ——————?

A. scrupulous (Answer)

B. varied

C. ready

D. prompt

E. vicarious

77. Synonym of “frugality” is ——————?

A. extravagance

B. ripening

C. thrift (Answer)

D. resentment

E. miserliness

78. Synonym of “unequaled” is ——————?

A. outstanding (Answer)

B. different

C. praised

D. unique

E. strange

79. Synonym of “adversity” is ——————?

A. opponent

B. hardship (Answer)

C. opening

D. public announcement

E. agency

80. Synonym of “wraith” is ——————?

A. apparition (Answer)

B. garland

C. Christmas decoration

D. anger

E. excitement

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100 Important Solved MCQS including synonyms Police Constable Preparation 9

81. Synonym of “disparity” is ——————?

A. argumentation

B. difference (Answer)

C. belittlement

D. harmony

E. discord

82. Synonym of “variegate” is ——————?

A. set type

B. multi-color (Answer)

C. differ

D. reject

E. reply-in-kind

83. Synonym of “prognosis” is ——————?

A. scheme

B. forecast (Answer)

C. preface

D. identification of a disease

84. Synonym of “chagrin” is ——————?

A. chin

B. mortification (Answer)

C. elation

D. intuition

E. chamber

85. Synonym of “reticence” is ——————?

A. reserve (Answer)

B. retention

C. regret

D. brazenness

E. hostility

86. Synonym of “cynosure” is ——————?

A. obscurity

B. center of attention (Answer)

C. certainty

D. clown

87. Synonym of “tenable” is ——————?

A. experimental

B. long lasting

C. flimsy

D. defensible

88. Synonym of “paroxysm” is ——————?

A. spasm (Answer)

B. furor

C. paralysis

D. fear

89. Synonym of “incommunicado” is ——————?

A. close-mouthed

B. disguised

C. irreconcilable

D. without means of communication

90. Synonym of “wrangler” is ——————?

A. lawman

B. cowboy (Answer)

C. inventor

D. arbitrator

91. Synonym of “quorum” is ——————?

A. public meeting

B. all the participants

C. necessary number of members (Answer)

D. document

92. Synonym of “vapid” is ——————?

A. steamy

B. helter skelter

C. lively

D. boring

93. Synonym of “senescent” is ——————?

A. sensitive

B. ageing (Answer)

C. sleepy

D. sweet smelling

94. Synonym of “broach” is ——————?

A. to decorate

B. bridge

C. offend

D. introduce

95. Synonym of “legion” is ——————?

A. distance

B. rampage

C. multitude (Answer)

D. motto

96. Synonym of “decorous” is ——————?

A. adorned

B. ugly

C. insane

D. proper (Answer)

E. childish

97. Synonym of “pedagogue” is ——————?

A. demagogue

B. peddler

C. bicyclist

D. teacher (Answer)

E. pupil

98. Synonym of “staid” is ——————?

A. weary

B. remaining

C. sedate (Answer)

D. afraid

E. unkempt

99. Synonym of “chasten” is ——————?

A. discipline (Answer)

B. pursue

C. sanctify

D. stop

E. start

100. Synonym of “reclusive” is ——————?

A. snobbish

B. scholarly

C. silent (Answer)

D. hermit-like

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